Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Governments Economic Stimulus Plan Breakdown: $787 Billion

Now that it’s been a few weeks since our new president passed the $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan, it’s easier to get more details on exactly how it’s broken down. Did you know that $217 billion is allotted for state and local governments? Many of our president’s speeches touted the infrastructure and investments in efficient energy inventions but those only totaled $169.5 billion. Want to know the rest?

The Governments Economic Stimulus Plan Breakdown

Tax Cuts - $244 Billion

$99B - Payroll-Tax Holiday
$90B - Business Expenses Tax Breaks
$25B - Earned Income Tax Credit
$20B - Renewable Energy Tax Credit
$10B - Tuition Tax Credit

Aids For State and Local Gov - $217 Billion

$87B - Medicaid Cost Sharing
$79B - State Grants
$42B - State and Local Bond Tax Credit
$5B - Community Development
$4B - Rural Development

Relief - $120 Billion

$42B - Expanded Unemployment Insurance
$40B - Health Insurance for Unemployed
$20B - Expanded Food Stamps
$11B - Housing Assistance
$4B- Supplemental Social Security Income Payments
$3B - Welfare

Infrastructure - $101 Billion

$30B - Highways
$20B - School Renovation
$17B - Health Information Technology
$13B - Transportation Projects
$8B - Water Projects
$7B - Military and V.A. Construction
$6B - Accelerated Deployment of Broadband

Energy Efficiency - $59.5 Billion

$22B - Federal Energy Efficiency Grants
$19B - Other Energy Efficiency Grants
$11B - Smart Electric Grid
$8B - Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees

Human Capital - $45.5 Billion

$25B - Education Programs
$15B - Federal Pell Grants
$4B - Job Training
$2B - Scientific Research

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